Cheetos, Oreos and Wine Make My Waist Go Round…

I have learned many things during this divorce process.  How to mow my own lawn; How to juggle two jobs, four animals and a social life; How to love myself without the approval of others (okay this is a work in progress); How to wire a TV so the cables are hidden in the wall... Continue Reading →


Can I Pick A Different Adventure?

As I child I remember reading the pick your own adventure books and having a love-hate relationship with them. I hated them because I always picked the wrong adventure and would end up in a shark's den trying to find my way out. On the other hand, I loved them because I could always change my choice when I realized I was in danger.

No More Hiding

I recently told my therapist that I had started a blog and while I thought I was going to be met with aclaimations about expressing my feelings I was instead met with the response of "you are doing what?"

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