Dating Roadkill

Happy Monday to you all! As I first promised when I started this blog I would share the good, the bad, the ugly and the embarrassing with you and today's short post is definitely about the embarrassing.


Positive Thoughts… Happy Thoughts… Just be Grateful Damn it!

Recently my therapist challenged me to start keeping a gratitude diary. Each time I go in she asks me what I am grateful for and each time I look at her blankly and say "please don't hate me, but I didn't write down anything".

I am Nacho Dog

Life is so weird. At times you feel like you are getting your shit together and then before you know it you are $1,000 deep in vet bills crying in the car to your mom wondering if you should call your ex-husband or not.

Goodbye 2017…

I haven't written in a while as I haven't had much "news" lately. In fact, when family and friends call (let's be real, they text) and ask how I am doing I respond with the very much canned response of "busy, fine, nothing new".

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