Ruins of the Past

A few years ago I bought a silver leaf necklace. I can't remember where I got it from or the meaning behind it, other than I loved it and when you have a tree related last name you find yourself drawn to tree related items. But shortly after I purchased my necklace it broke and... Continue Reading →


Another Year Bites the Dust

Just when I thought 2017 dished up all the change I could handle for a while, 2018 came swooping in and showed me that nothing remains the same. While 2017 was life changing on the personal front, 2018 brought me all sorts of change on the career front. I am not going to go into... Continue Reading →

The Bitch is Back

Well peeps, it has been a while, but the bitch is back. Many of you are probably saying, wait I didn't know you were gone. To which I respond with a half-joking, "bitch please you know you love to stalk these posts". But in all reality I did take a break from posting for a... Continue Reading →

The Hodge-Podge Post

I have had a number of half-written posts pass through my brain over the last couple of months, but I haven't had the will power to sit down and just write them.

Dating Roadkill

Happy Monday to you all! As I first promised when I started this blog I would share the good, the bad, the ugly and the embarrassing with you and today's short post is definitely about the embarrassing.

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